We grow fresh, nutrient dense microgreens in soil. Available every weekend at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, or grown to order for restaurants


Occasionaly available at the Downtown Farmer’s Market. This project is still in the early stages!

What Is Life Cycle Gardens?

Healthy , Tasty,
& Easy

We live in a world where food is increasingly devoid of nutrients and flavor as food manufacturers opt to use more and more concentrated combinations of salt, sugar, and fat.

As much as this upsets us, it's still hard to resist reaching for another potato chip when the alternative is a sad vegetable tray with ranch and a tray of flavorless honeydew... We need food that is easy to use, wholesome, and tasty!

This is exactly why we grow microgreens and mushrooms.

No knife needed - just toss our microgreens onto your favorite dish or tear our tender oyster mushrooms right into the pot or pan!

The results are truly stunning, but don't take our word for it. Come try a sample every Saturday at the Downtown Year Round Farmer's Market, or contact us below!

Meet the team

Just the two of us!

T.K. Kern

Brandi Kern

We'd love to hear from you!

Call or Text T.K. at (435) 572-0292
email us below or at mail@lifecyclegardensut.com